About Us

factasia.org seeks to represent the rights of adults in Asia who choose to enjoy smoking or other related forms of consumption of nicotine. factasia.org aims to protect their interests and to provide independent and unbiased data on the issues surrounding smoking – and related issues – in Asia.

We do NOT represent the views of the tobacco industry. We believe in the right of smokers to enjoy their smoking (within reason and with appropriate – but reasonable – regulation). We represent the consumer, not the tobacco industry.

factasia.org is an independent, not-for-profit, consumer-oriented advocacy. We do not promote smoking or the use of nicotine, and we oppose all under-age use of cigarettes or any other product containing nicotine.

factasia.org’s founder is Heneage (‘H’) Mitchell, who spent almost 15 years as the leading commentator on the tobacco industry across Asia. An acknowledged expert, he moved into advocacy because he could see the extent to which the anti-smoking ‘industry’ had begun to challenge for the erosion of citizens’ rights in related and more distant sectors.

factasia.org’s independent stance means we can address the issues directly. We aim to communicate with consumers as well as politicians, legislators and appropriate law enforcement officials.

Informed citizens make better choices. Informing them – and bringing that information to legislators, law enforcement agencies and health promoters – in a reasonable and unbiased manner is what factasia.org aims to do.

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