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CAPHRA demands action on disposable vape regulation - for

In light of World Smokefree Day on May 31, the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) is calling on governments and regulatory bodies to take action in implementing strict regulations for disposable vapes, in line with their recent position statement.

CAPHRA’s position statement outlines two key areas where immediate action is required:

1. Availability and Regulation of Disposable Vapes: CAPHRA urges governments to enforce strict age restrictions on the sale of disposable vapes and require retailers to register their products. These measures will minimise the risk of misuse and youth access while maintaining a responsible and transparent market.

2. Recycling Requirements for Retailers: CAPHRA calls for the implementation of a legally mandated recycling program for disposable vapes, including a deposit system at the point of sale. This will incentivise the return of used devices, reduce the environmental impact of disposable vapes, and promote responsible disposal practices among consumers.

These recommendations are based on the latest evidence from Public Health England, which supports the role of disposable vapes in tobacco harm reduction efforts. However, CAPHRA stresses the importance of proper regulation and monitoring to protect public health and minimize potential risks associated with these products.

“As we observe World Smokefree Day, it is crucial to remember that disposable vapes have the potential to save lives by offering a less harmful alternative to combustible tobacco, but only if they are properly regulated and monitored,” said Nancy Loucas, a prominent New Zealand public health consumer advocate and executive coordinator of CAPHRA.

“We cannot afford to wait any longer. Governments and regulatory bodies must act now to implement the necessary controls and safeguards to protect public health and our environment,” said Ms. Loucas.

CAPHRA’s call to action serves as a timely reminder of the urgent need for comprehensive and effective regulation of disposable vapes.

“By implementing and enforcing age restrictions, product registration, and recycling requirements, we can ensure that disposable vapes are accessible to adult smokers seeking less harmful alternatives while minimising the potential risks associated with these products, in line with the goals of World Smokefree Day,” Ms. Loucas said.

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