Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • Switch to vaping campaign launched in Australia

    The first ever Australian campaign that encourages adult tobacco smokers who can’t or won’t quit to switch to vaping to reduce the harm from smoking has been launched in Australia. The campaign – “Switch2Vaping” – has been developed by leading Australian tobacco harm reduction advocates at a time when data from Australia’s latest National Health…

  • Pace of US smoking rate decline mirrors rapid rise in popularity of vaping

    Little evidence that e-cigs are prompting young people to start smoking: researchers The pace of the fall in smoking prevalence among teens and young adults in the US has mirrored the rapid rise in popularity of e-cigarettes, suggesting that the two may be linked, finds research  published online in the journal Tobacco Control. While trying e-cigarettes…

  • Ex-smokers breathe easier after switching to e-cigs, petition shows

    The only option for smokers to stop their deadly habit is to switch to vaping or e-cigarette use, a vast majority of respondents to an online petition organised by global initiative thevapers.org shows. The international responses, collected from 2015-2018, highlight personal improvements in health and well-being with many respondents recognising that switching from smoking to…

  • Hong Kong Govt should legislate rather than ban e-cigarettes, survey shows

    HONG KONG – The Hong Kong Government should introduce legislation to regulate and allow the sale of alternative tobacco products (ATPs) such as e cigarettes, rather than banning it, according to a latest public opinion survey conducted by leading market researcher Ipsos. Smokers themselves have been asking for years for ATPs to be legalised –…


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TV expose spruiks vaping

The contradiction inherent in Australia’s decision to prop up smoking at the expense of new nicotine products was aired on natio...


- March 24, 2019

People smoke for the nicotine but they die from the smoke : Prof. David ... https://t.co/uXvjY81JSm via @YouTube
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- March 22, 2019

Vaping replacing cigarettes; the vape bandwagon is well and truly rolling. https://t.co/BA2Jvnv6lk
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- March 21, 2019

AUSTRALIA: Can easier access to e-cigarettes boost health? Researchers say YES! https://t.co/vp4F4zKUmz via @FuturityNews
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- March 18, 2019

Singapore could try restricting e-cigarettes as a prescription device to prevent young people fro... https://t.co/fvl4ARioPo via @YahooSG
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- March 18, 2019

11 Million Lies: The Tobacco Control movement is committing public health malpractice .... https://t.co/kH6C6zUYaH
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Not only a significant piece from Professor Sweanor, but one in which many could learn from. Keep sharing .... #ecigarettes #vaping #tobaccoharmreductionShahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld spoke to Prof. David Sweanor, Advisory Committee Chair, University of Ottawa Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics Ad... ... See MoreSee Less

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