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One billion consumers of safer nicotine products ought to be the principal beneficiaries of enlightened, science-based regulatory frameworks allowing us access to the life-saving technologies of these products.

We deserve to be properly and effectively represented to and by the delegates of our respective countries, with our interests first and foremost in any policy discussion around our use of nicotine. We deserve to take our rightful place at the table during policy discussions and be treated with respect and consideration.

We call on all delegates in the Western Pacific Region (WPRO) to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, as representatives of their respective countries allow adult citizens to have access to safer alternatives to combustible and unsafe oral nicotine through risk proportionate regulation of safer nicotine products, including E-cigarettes, Heat Not Burn Tobacco and snus.

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AHRF 2023

AHRF 2023

AHRF 2023

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